The New London Skyline | London, United Kingdom

The Cheese Grater
Seeing a trend here? These new London skyscrapers seem to all get labeled as something other than by their address or developer’s choice for the building. This one, otherwise known as the Leadenhall Building is not only unique in its “cheese grater” shape but also in how it was constructed . . . basically off-site in a factory north of London and assembled floor by floor using an innovative modular approach. This construction method was required due to the site’s very small footprint and the proximity to its neighboring buildings. PBS did a series called “Skyscrapers,” which included a very interesting history of the building’s construction and the workers who built it. Check it out at:  PBS Super Skyscraper Series

Unfortunately, the building was under construction during my visit to London, and the site is so small I could not get a good perspective for photographs.  The information and photos shown here are from the developer’s web site, which you can visit at: The Leadenhall Building. The unique office tower has 610,000 sq ft of space prominently located in the centre of the City of London. Its distinctive and elegant design provides the ultimate in flexibility of accommodation, and the spectacular scale of the seven storey high landscaped public space at ground level is unprecedented in London. An efficient floor plate has been created by locating the main building core to the north. This is a dynamic feature in its own right and houses banks of glazed high speed passenger lifts. This design results in the cheese grater shape to the structure.

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