Walks in the English Countryside/ Broadway to Moreton-in-Marsh

As we have at the other hotels, we left our luggage in the lobby so that the bags could be transported to the next hotel, and left the Broadway Hotel about 9:00 AM on what would turn our to be our most difficult hike of the trip. We walked up the main street, past the United Reform Church and then took a footpath hidden between several houses.


At 13.7 miles, this was also our longest hike, with the trail crossing rolling fields and over steep hills, starting with a 1,000 foot climb to the 65-foot tall Broadway Tower, an 18th century Gothic tower built in the form of a castle for Lady Coventry. The Tower, which houses an exhibition, is located on a hill at an elevation of 1,024 feet, and from the top we had dramatic views of the landscape below.

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