Markets, Churches, & Wine – Republic of Georgia


Meqvevre Kbilashvilis Marani

This fourth generation family business produces the handmade clay pots used for making traditional Georgia wine. Starting at the bottom, a point is molded out of clay that is placed in a ring. Every two days an additional 10 centimeters is added to the pot, creating the curvature of the vessel.  The entire process usually takes about 3 month for a batch; about a dozen were going through process the day of our visit. Once completed, the vessels are allowed to dry at room temperature for 3 weeks and are then transported to oven, where they are baked at 1300 degrees Celsius or 2372 degrees Fahrenheit.  This process usually last 7 days.  Once fired and cooled, they are covered in cement to protect them from roots and earthquakes.  He exports most of his vessels around the world because most Georgia wine makers already have them.  He sells them for $1000 each and is able to produce around 30 per year.


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