Markets, Churches, & Wine – Republic of Georgia

Ikalto Monastery

The 6th century Ikalto Monastery has been under a rebuild and restoration effort for centuries. It’s small portions of century’s-old frescoes we’re discovered when cleaning the walls, whitewashed by the Russians during the occupation. Today, there is also a winery on the property.

Schuchmann Winery

We had a short tour of the winery and over a light lunch tasted several bottles of red and white wines to compare the wines produced in clay pots against wine made in the modern day method.


Duke Alexander Chavchavadz Estate

Duke Alexander was a 19th century poet; he inherited the property from his father and built his mansion on it.  The park and house used to be the gathering place for artists and poets of the 19th century.  The entire house is still furnished with his belongings and photographs.  

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