Ireland Country Tour


Well, as we all know the last few years have not been great for traveling. So getting to go on this trip with the same group of guys who normally travel together is a treat. Our last trip was to the Republic of Georgia, where we were required to wear masks at all times. And, of course, getting into and out of the country and back to the US required several Covid tests and proof of vaccination. This year, at last we are not required to wear masks at any place in the country and no requirements for proof of vaccination.


I booked my flight on Iceland air back in April; had I booked the flight several weeks ago it would have cost me an additional $1200 for the same ticket. So although traveling is easier this year, it is also more expensive. The 10 hour flight left Denver about 5 PM and after a short layover in Reykjavik, Iceland I arrived in Dublin, Ireland at 11 AM (4:00am Denver time). I easily found the Dublin Express city bus that for only $8 EU took me to the Temple Bar District, close enough to walk to the Brooks Hotel which is where I would meet my traveling companions the following day.

Friday night in the city was buzzing with locals and tourists from all over and the restaurants and bars spilled out onto the streets and into the alleyways. Two things Irelanders do well is drink and smoke; we’ll, three things – they also laugh and enjoy every minute of nightlife they can find. Perhaps, though it was because of the upcoming All-Ireland Football Semi-finals to be played in Dublin Sunday, with Dublin up against Kerry. Not to say the Irish like their football, but the Irish like their football!

On Saturday, I met up with the 5 other guys at the hotel and after a late lunch caught up on my jet lag. Dinner was at our hotel and by the time we were finished the bands had already started and the revealers were in full party mode, which lasted well into the early morning hours. Sunday morning came way too early but we were all ready at 9am to climb into the brand new Mercedes Sprinter Van for our 6-day cross-country tour.

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