The “Paris of South America” | Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Boca

La Boca is definitely one of the most picturesque of all of the neighborhoods we visited in Buenos Aires. Situated at the mouth of the Riachuelo River, La Boca (which means “the mouth” ) was the original entrance of all vessels coming into the city from Europe. It was actually the city’s first port and the place where all immigrants found their first shelter in Argentina.



Although today La Boca continues to be a working class district and not safe at dark, colorful murals, sculpture, and other whimsical graphics dominate the street scene in La Boca, making it one of the most interesting and lively in the city. Its famous 300 foot long Caminito Street and several intersecting streets nearby is often called “the soul of La Boca.”

The extravagant and creative use of color throughout this popular section of La Boca is a result of its early immigrants using leftover paints found in the nearby docks to decorate their humble metal buildings and balconies.

We completed our walking tour early in the afternoon, and after resting back at our hotel, we packed our bags and headed to the airport for our 10:00 pm 11-hour flight back to the States.

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