A Town and (Wine) Country Excursion | Mendoza, Argentina

Bodega Vistalba

Our next lesson in wine-making was at Bodega Vistalba. Built by Carlos Polenta on a beautiful plot of family-owned land in the heart of Luján de Cuyo, the winery is inspired by the Creole culture, using cutting-edge technology and paying homage to traditional wine-making.

The operation has been designed so that the entire winemaking process is completed using gravity and without pumps. The first wines were produced in 2003, and they were first placed on the market in 2005. Today, Vistalba wines are sold in more than 20 countries.

The public spaces in the winery have a polished rustic architecture, with some unique building materials and wine-making processes that made the tour even more interesting. For example, the winery was a pioneer in using concrete again as the material to build its vessels, just like it was done years ago. The basins have a temperature control system integrated into its structure, an exclusive design for making red wine.

The wine-tasting portion of the tour was presented in the lower level of the facility, where stone floors and walls, low-level lighting and unique displays gave us a different perspective from the more typical winery. The passageways leading to the barrel room and the wine-tasting rooms is lined with stone. A single hanging bulb, covered with an arrangment of Tumbleweed creates a unique shade and shadow pattern against the wine cellar’s barrel ceilings. Quite a dramatic feature, although I would think such a fixture in the US would have a difficult time getting passed by the Fire Department! For more information about this winery, go to: Bodega Vistalba.

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