A Town and (Wine) Country Excursion | Mendoza, Argentina

Bodega Caelum

CALEUM LOGOAnother day, another winery! Well, actually four more wineries on the tour this time. This first winery of the day was Bodega Caelum, a small family-run operation begun in 2008 by Agricultural Engineer Mercedes Diaz.  She acquired the property in 1990 and began with the cultivation of various fruits. Seeking to diversify and innovate she traveled to California and bought pistachio grafted plants.

Today the farm is the only producer and processor of pistachios in the province of Mendoza. At the same time, seeing the growth in the Mendoza wine market, Mercedes decided to plant vines and then sell the grapes to neighboring wineries. But in 2008 she decided to go one step further and produce her own wine. Caelum winery is now her home and the outcome of many years of work.

Caelum is a small constellation that can be observed from the southern hemisphere; it represents a chisel, the sculptor’s tool. As a chisel to the sculptor, our hands are to us the tool of winemaking.                       

Mercedes, her daughter Constanza Pimentel; and, her son Hernen Pimentel, along with a winemaker and his assistant run the winery. A handful of employees are hired at peak harvest times to pick the grapes, prAttachment-1ocess them, bottle and ship the wine throughout the country and abroad. Its a small, but proud operation and we can see that pride in Constanza’s presentation and tour. Our wine-tasting was held in the small front reception room of the winery, where we enjoyed some of our favorite wines, including a Caelum’s 2012 Torrontes. Unfortunately, this particular wine is not exported to the United States. For more information on this popular winery, go to: Bodega Caelum.

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