A Town and (Wine) Country Excursion | Mendoza, Argentina

Bodega Finca Decero

Our third winery of the day was one of the newest wineries in the area, Finca Decero.  The unique contemporary facility, with a hint of Swiss and Tuscan arFINCA DECERO LOGOchitecture sits on a spectacular piece of property with magnificent views of the surrounding mouP1020732ntains and vineyard. With such a tranquil and beautiful setting, it is often used for weddings and other special events.

Decero means “from scratch” – the family prides itself on how in a very short time it has created a unique winery, in a unique setting, and unique philosophy for producing award-winning wine … “Amano,” meaning by hand. At every stage, Finca Decero handcrafts its wines to be world class, while treading lightly in the environment. Planting, pruning and picking of the vines is all done by hand.

Nurturing each parcel of grapes and wine individually, we never shy away from the small yet extra efforts of being hands-on, which ultimately yield extraordinary results, giving credence to our “Amano” approach.   

While we didn’t tour the wine-making facility, we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by Finca Decero chefs on the second flow of the winery, overlooking the beautiful grounds and vineyards of the property – a great way to end the day’s wine tour. For more information on this unique  winery, go to: Bodega Finca Decero.

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