Four Days in Puerto Vallarta | Mexico

The Sail Sculpture

images-4Probably the singularly most recognizable and unifying feature along the Malecon is the Sail Sculpture and pier, which changes colors at night. Designed by Mexican architect Jesus Torres Vega and inaugurated in 2013, the pier features a surface of 2182 sq ft with pedestrian zone, waterfront promenade, scenic lighting and landing dock for 6 medium size boats. Some of the city’s day boat trips for fishing and scenic bayfront tours start and end here.

Aside from the beautiful and active waterfront and its resort atmosphere, Puerto Vallarta is like any other established town . . .  a vibrant mix of retail shopping opportunities; a variety of residential housing types; businesses, offices and services tucked into every available space; and, public parks, open space and other amenities that add that refreshing break in an otherwise “concrete jungle.” As I walked through the Romantic Zone, I captured the images included in the slideshow below to illustrate this side of PV.

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