Hiking Northern Italy | The Dolomites

The time has finally come for another adventure. In two weeks I will be taking my first trip to Italy, northern Italy to be more specific . . . to hike the Dolomites (Italian Alps). Alps_location_mapDuring this one-week trip, I will be providing daily blog posts, rather than the larger, more comprehensive post I have done in the past. So check here whenever you want to know where we are and what we are doing; and, for those on Instagram, I will be posting separate photos of each day’s hike as well.  Feel free to email me with any questions about the area – I will try to respond with the information as soon as I can. The trip summary below gives you an idea of the daily hikes we will be taking. And, since our initial rendezvous point will be Venice, I will be arriving a few days ahead of schedule to check out the city and report on its unique setting, history, and architectural gems.

The Dolomites – Italian Alps

On this exciting adventure we will hike through colorful alpine meadows amid the awesome splendor of the Italian Dolomites (Alps) and visit picturesque Tyrolean villages in lush green valleys while lodging in a Tyrolean village. Sixty million years of erosion have sculpted awesome jagged spires, hanging glaciers, tortured columns and “moonscape” plateaus; a spectacular backdrop to the open pastures, staggering array of wild flowers and gently undulating woods where we hike. 1041_1Everywhere there is color. From the soft pink stone and the brilliant blues of the glacial lakes, to the bright saffron, blue gentians, alpine edelweiss and wild lilies that jostle vividly in lush summer meadows. 10.-Alpine-Meadow-with-Wildflowers-300x200And we are told that the evening light that turns towering rock walls into a glowing panoply of pinks is truly awesome. We will be based out of the Park Hotel Bellevue, in the Village of Dobbiaco, with each hike planned from that point. The Dolomites is an outstanding hiking area, made even more enjoyable by the legendary hospitality of the mountain people. In the heart of the Northern Italian Dolomites, close to the border with Austria and dominated by the famous Tre Cime (Three Peaks), is the beautiful Tyrolean village of Dobbiaco. We lodge in an upscale hotel and each day have the opportunity to hike a different trail,relax at the lodge or explore the village. These hikes allow us to discover the beauty and sheer magnificence of the majestic Alta Pusteria Valley, an area renowned for jagged peaks up to 10,968 feet tall and recognized by UNESCO as one of the most unusual and spectacular mountain environments in the world.

4 responses to “Hiking Northern Italy | The Dolomites

  1. What a trip of contrasts: valleys and rugged peaks.
    What is the elevation and length of the hikes? Do you have a guide and are you camping?
    Safe travels!


    • This should be a great trip, Susan . . . not as demanding as Bhutan or Argentina, but probably more dramatic. We will ascend up to almost 10,000 feet, with most hikes in the 8 to 11 mile range. We will not be trekking this time, instead staying at one very nice hotel, from where we will leave every morning for a hike in a different part of the Dolomites.


  2. Tim, can you show pics inside the hotel.
    Buy bottled water. I remember so much chlorine I’m the water that my eyes watered while brushing my teeth


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