Hiking Northern Italy | The Dolomites

Trip highlights will include a high ridge path along the Austrian border with 360º views over the entire Dolomites and Austrian Alps, and a circular hike around the world-famous Tre Cime, three immense obelisks of sheer rock that have now become the symbol of the region. Amazingly, all of this will be accessible on well-defined paths either directly from our hotel, or via a short bus or cable car ride. Here are a few photographs of the areas we will encounter on our hikes . . . . my daily blogs will provide more details on the hike, along with more photographs of the area.

Dolomites Full Moon

4 responses to “Hiking Northern Italy | The Dolomites

  1. What a trip of contrasts: valleys and rugged peaks.
    What is the elevation and length of the hikes? Do you have a guide and are you camping?
    Safe travels!


    • This should be a great trip, Susan . . . not as demanding as Bhutan or Argentina, but probably more dramatic. We will ascend up to almost 10,000 feet, with most hikes in the 8 to 11 mile range. We will not be trekking this time, instead staying at one very nice hotel, from where we will leave every morning for a hike in a different part of the Dolomites.


  2. Tim, can you show pics inside the hotel.
    Buy bottled water. I remember so much chlorine I’m the water that my eyes watered while brushing my teeth


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