Walt Disney Concert Hall | Los Angeles, California

The day I visited the building, the public was not permitted inside the concert hall.  From what I have seen and read on various web sites, however, the interior is not only one of the best in terms of acoustics, but its Douglas fir-lined walls provides a warm, soothing and comfortable environment. There are 2,265 steeply raked seats that surround the stage, and unlike most concert halls, the orchestra plays in the space in which the audience sits. This type of seating was incorporated in order to bring the audience closer to the orchestra, and to provide a more intimate view of the musicians and the conductor.

The Blue Ribbon Garden and Park

Before my scheduled time to begin the self-guided tour, I walked around the building checking out some of the building’s interesting details, unique spaces, and the small  public park and amphitheater on the back side of the concert hall, an area that doubles as a shaded oasis for concertgoers and others who visit the Concert Hall.



DSC_0241At the center of the garden, often used for weddings and other gatherings, there is a rose fountain dedicated to Lillian Disney. The fountain was designed by Gehry, and is constructed from broken pieces of Delft China, Lillian’s favorite. Gehry named the fountain, “A Rose for Lilly.”  To obtain the porcelian, Gehry and his team broke more than 200 vases and 8,000 tiles. DSC_0237





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