Articulated Wall at the Denver Design Center | Denver, Colorado

IMG_5290Built in 1986, the Articulated Wall has become a sculptural icon of the Denver art scene. From its location at the Denver Design Center, it can be seen not only from the surrounding commercial neighborhood south of downtown Denver, but most prominently from north and south-bound lanes of Interstate 25 as it passes through the metro Denver area, and from the nearby arterial roadways of Santa Fe Drive South and South Broadway Boulevard. The 85-foot tall sculpture was commissioned by the original developer of the Denver Design Center, who first saw the articulated wall in Mexico City and decided it would be a perfect landmark for his new gallery of designer showrooms open to the trade.

The original artist, Herbert Bayer, was commissioned to build the sculpture exactly like the original (built for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City) . . . only 25 feet taller so that it was more visible.  The sculpture has since been donated to the Denver Art Museum as a part of its three-dimensional outdoor sculpture collection. The sculpture is one of many of Denver’s Public Art Venues that the general public can view and enjoy throughout the city.

The sculpture is constructed of 32 pieces of pre-fabricated concrete elements each measuring 41′ x 5′-2″ x 2′-7″, held together through the center of the sculpture by a refueling mast taken from an aircraft carrier. Two million pounds of concrete were used to create the 85-foot tall sculpture.

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