A Glimpse of Colonia del Sacramento | Colonia, Uruguay

Retail establishments, from corner cafes and restaurants, clothing stores, art galleries, and the inevitable souvenir shops are scattered throughout. We enjoyed a very relaxing and pleasant lunch at a restaurant with an interior courtyard, and listened to a local singer Jorge Schmidt entertain the patrons.

The iconic lighthouse, completed in 1857 was attached to the ruins of a convent built in 1694 (destroyed by fire in 1704); from the top it provides a great view of the town and the river, although getting up there required us to inhale in order to squeeze through the final opening onto the upper platform. The lighthouse is a popular subject for many of the local artists.

5 responses to “A Glimpse of Colonia del Sacramento | Colonia, Uruguay

  1. You have done so much more that say, “I did this and this and that, and it was awesome,” that I read in some blogs. Your blog provides sufficient information to help any would-be traveler to decide whether this is a place he or she wants to explore. I like your succinct descriptions, historical tidbits, and cultural insights. The photos add the visual interest to the narrative. Thanks for a quality travel blog!


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