A Glimpse of Colonia del Sacramento | Colonia, Uruguay

We began our tour of Colonia del Sacramento on the former draw bridge at the historic entrance through the stone wall that protected colony. Founded as a fort, the town’s many older buildings, fortress walls and stone streets are still in place along the river. After a brief introduction and quick tour of a few of the nearby shops by our guide, we were left on our own to discover the town on our own.

The following gallery of photographs will give you a glimpse of the Historic Quarters. . . its architecture, streets, natural building materials, beautiful flowering trees, and gentle, quiet character. The town is the oldest settlement in Uruguay and one of the oldest cities in South America.

Below are examples of old tile clay roofs, uneven from the way they were made (wet clay pressed over the craftsman’s thigh), rich colorful painted stucco (weathered from centuries of wind and rain), uneven cobblestone roads, hand laid rock walls, and creative signs that are all part of the Historic Quarter.

5 responses to “A Glimpse of Colonia del Sacramento | Colonia, Uruguay

  1. You have done so much more that say, “I did this and this and that, and it was awesome,” that I read in some blogs. Your blog provides sufficient information to help any would-be traveler to decide whether this is a place he or she wants to explore. I like your succinct descriptions, historical tidbits, and cultural insights. The photos add the visual interest to the narrative. Thanks for a quality travel blog!


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