Hiking in the Andes | Mendoza, Argentina

IMG_7862Needless to say, our hike in the Aconcagua mountains was a “walk in the park” . . . literally.  When we arrived at the trail head, just off the Paso Internacional Los Libertadores (Chile Route 60 / Argentina Route 7) it was about 10:30 and we were the only ones there. It looked like we would have the Park to ourselves, at least for a few hours.  Natalie told us that most residents of Mendoza have never been to the Park, which surprised us since it is such an easy and beautiful drive from the city of Mendoza.

DSC00717 2

The first half mile of the trail is a wide concrete pad, before it turns into a crushed gravel path and then a dirt path as it climbs higher and higher into the mountains. The clear sunny day was a welcomed treat, after experiencing the cloudy and sometime rainy conditions of our previous hike a few days before.

IMG_7859 (1)

There are several Information Stations along the trail, at least for the first mile or so, describing the geologic conditions and identifying various peaks and other natural features. One Station in particular tells about Bloques Errants . . . 

Huge stones called “wandering blocks” are another example of the strength of water, the wind and glaciers working together.  Initially, these stone blocks were drafted and placed here by glacier movement. Later on, the river washed away the layers of soil, leaving them in their actual form. 

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