Trekking – Paro to Thimphu | Bhutan

5-DAY TREK IN THE HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS | PARO TO THIMPHU     Having put our legs through the steep climb during the hike to the Tiger’s Nest the day before, we were in better physical condition to begin our 5-day trek in the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan.  We began our journey after meeting our guide’s team, which included the cook and his two assistants, and two men to care for the donkeys. We would follow the Druk Path, the most popular of the trekking paths, a 35-mile historic trading route that spans across the chain of mountains that separate the Paro and Thimphu Valleys. While the donkeys carry our supplies and tents for each evening, we carry only our backpacks, filled with water, energy bars, camera and other essentials. Each day brings spectacular views, visits to high mountain temples and monasteries, and a variety of forest environments, including alpine forests, where we reach an elevation of almost 14,000′ on the pass that separates the two valleys.The Gallery on the following pages illustrates the journey.

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