Trekking – Paro to Thimphu | Bhutan

CLIMB TO THE TIGER’S NEST | TAKTSANG PALPHUG MONASTERY        The most famous of Bhutan’s monasteries, the Tiger’s Nest is perched on the side of a cliff 2,950 feet above the valley floor. Visitors to the monastery must descend into a deep ravine, down a series of about 400 stone steps to the bottom, walk across a small stream, and then climb up more steps before entering the Monastery grounds – 700 steps in all – and thats after a steep two to three-hour climb from the base of the mountain. It is said that the spiritual leader Guru Rinpoche, who first brought Buddhism to Bhutan in the 7th century flew to the site on the back of a tigress to meditate in a cave, where the monastery now stands.

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