The French Quarter & the Marigny District | New Orleans, Louisiana

The French Market Place

IMG_6491Not far from our hotel is the French Market Place, which encompasses six blocks from the Upper Pontalba on Jackson Square to the Flea Market on Barracks and N. Peters Street. Included in these blocks are: Washington Artillery Park (across from Jackson Square), all the riverside retail stores and restaurants on Decatur Street from Café du Monde at 800 Decatur Street to the Gazebo Café at 1016 Decatur Street. Dutch Alley, LaTrobe Park, New Place de France, and the Farmers and Flea Markets make up the rest of this district. Its an interesting area to wander through, enjoy lunch or a drink at one of the many bars.

I elected to stroll around the blocks that surround this area and found many interesting elements that bring the area’s history into focus. I had been to Bourbon Street portion of the city before, so I was now more interested in these lessor crowded blocks within the Quarter, away from the main streets in order to search out the more obscure historic residential buildings, unique architectural elements, old signs, public art and sculpture, and to experience the local street scenes . . . I found something interesting around every corner.


8 responses to “The French Quarter & the Marigny District | New Orleans, Louisiana

  1. Great city; great photos. I am impressed your OCS company still was able to get together. I still keep up with two guys from mine (infantry 1969), but if we wanted a reunion, we wouldn’t have a clue where everyone lived.


    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. We were able to find all 54 candidates and TAC officers initially through FaceBook and then other contacts as more and more of us were found. It took over a year to track everyone down!


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