Keep Memory Alive Event Center | Las Vegas, Nevada

This passive garden provides a quiet place to rest, meditate, and relax for patients and family visitors. The glass sculpture in the middle of the park is a gift from Frank Gehry and his wife.

The KMA Event Center is, of course, the major space of the complex. A 3,100 square-foot Wolfgang Puck-designed KITCHEN and a 2,100 square-foot MUSEUM flank the entrance to the large one-room event center.

At night, the Event Center becomes a brilliant colorful architectural sculpture, from inside and outside. With the Center’s state-of-the-art LED lighting system favorite colors, corporate banners, disco and mood lighting, and an unlimited combination of lighting effects can be achieved against the stark white walls to meet any special customer needs.

For more information about the Keep Memory Alive Event Center, please go to: Keep Memory Alive. For information on Frank Gehry and some of his other iconic architectural achievements, check out: Biography of Frank Gehry

6 responses to “Keep Memory Alive Event Center | Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. I was in Mazatlan for Spring Break in 1966. I’d like to hear your take on PV after 40 years. Good luck. Did you get to Yelapa back in the day? I took my cat on the bus to PV. Not an ac bus.


  2. Hi Tim – Nevada definitely has loads to offer. Building look amazing. I enjoy 3rd generation architecture where the walls and lines go out of ordinary verticals.
    – Ruta


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