One Day in Warnemunde and Rostock, Germany | Baltic Sea Cruise

The Rostock City Hall or Rathaus is located in the historic New Market Square, reconstructed in 1952 after the bombing it suffered during WWII. The Town Hall looks more like a hotel than a public administration building. It has a pink, Baroque facade, which was added over the original Gothic architecture during its construction between 1270 – 1290.  In its original life, not only was it a Town Hall but it also served as a trading center. Another addition during the late 15th century gave it the additional function as a Festival Hall.  I found this photograph of the same area taken after the Allied bombing; like other cities throughout Europe, reconstruction of these historic cities has been remarkable.

3 responses to “One Day in Warnemunde and Rostock, Germany | Baltic Sea Cruise

  1. Vielen dank for your informed introduction to Warnemunde and Rostock. We intend to skip a long travel day to Berlin, & instead enjoy these two cities.

    I think you’ll enjoy it. Be sure to stroll along the oceanfront walkway . . .


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