One Day in Helsinki, Finland | Baltic Sea Cruise

I left the group and decided to walk around in the downtown area to check out the architecture and public open space. After walking a few short blocks, I came across The Esplanade, a beautiful linear park. The streets on both sides of the park included historic architecturally interesting four and five-story office buildings and hotels, with first floor high-end retail stores, such as Marimeko Designs, designer furniture stores, and of course, the inevitable Starbucks that features not only its standard coffees, pastries and sandwiches, but also free wifi! After a few hours meandering the nearby streets, I took the number 9 tram from the Central Railway Station back to the cruise port, a crowded 20-minute ride that costs 2 and a half Euros.

The ship sailed for Stockholm about 5:00 pm that afternoon for another overnight sail. Next stop on the Baltic Sea Cruise . . . Two Days in Stockholm, Sweden

6 responses to “One Day in Helsinki, Finland | Baltic Sea Cruise

  1. If You were in Helsinki only one day, You saw a lot of things! Well, Helsinki is in beautiful town even in Winter. It is pity that You did not see the real Finland, outside Helsinki. To understand better my words, You cannot say that You know U.S.A. after visiting Miami! Anyway, it was very nice that You visited Finland, thank You. To get a tiny idea about Finland offers, check my:

    About me.

    Happy travel!


    • Thanks, Sartenada. Unfortunately, it was a whirlwind city tour, but enough to make me want to return. And your wonderful lake photos do too. What a magnificent collection of beautiful images of your countryside!


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