The Church on the Spilled Blood | Saint Petersburg, Russia

The building features over 75,000 square feet of mosaics, most of which depict biblical scenes and saints, along with ornate and intricate patterns. There is not a single painting or sculpture inside the church; the walls are almost entirely covered with mosaics. Everywhere I turned, there was another ornate mosaic scene that glistened on the wall; the artistry is everywhere, reaching into the highest of the onion domes, and displayed on the delicate wooded Main Iconostasis that takes center stage.

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4 responses to “The Church on the Spilled Blood | Saint Petersburg, Russia

  1. Wonderful pictures ! We were in Saint Petersburg in january with cold weather and snow. The colours were not as bright as they are on your pictures but Saint Petersburg in winter has a special atmosphere which is pleasant too. You can see it on my blog :
    I am waiting for your impressions of Copenhagen because we think to visit this town soon.


    • Thanks for your comments! You were able to get some great photos, even in winter. We obviously didn’t even touch the surface on seeing the major sites, but I’d certainly return. It was interesting to see your winter scenes of some of the same sites we saw.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Janaline . . . and you are right! I wish we had had more time to explore, but being with a group that is on a schedule has its disadvantages!


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