Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb | Sydney, Australia

One of the highlights of my trip to Australia was my climb up to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for an exhilarating 360-degree view of Sydney Harbour. It might sound dangerous, but all participants (usually in groups of 8 to 12) are fitted with jump suits with safety belts, and once on the bridge, secured onto a cable by a large hook.  The tour begins by walking on catwalks below the Bradford Highway until reaching the southeast stone pylon of the Bridge, then ascending four ladders to the start of the upper arch.  The three and a half hour climb up and down the 1,332 steps of the outer arch provides tremendous views of the Sydney Opera House on the way up and Darling Harbour on the climb down; unfortunately, no cameras are allowed. It’s a good idea to reserve a space ahead of time, since the climb is one of the most popular attractions in Sydney. For more information and to make reservations go to

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