Walks in the English Countryside / Lower Slaughter to Winchcombe

We then checked into the historic Lion Inn, a 15th century lodge located just off the main street among small shops and cottages, each with its own character and style.  I spent about an hour wandering around the town, checking out its narrow alleys, cottages, and other unique features (such as the colorful doors and names of residential “cottages” tucked in among the larger buildings) before joining the rest of our group for dinner on the Inn’s main floor.



Although somewhat renovated and updated, once in my room the hotel’s historic structure and condition was not lost on me, as I slid down the sloping floor planks into the bed and maneuvered cautiously through the 5′ high bathroom door with the sign above that read “Duck . . . or Grouse” (I did both during the night!). But the large bed and cozy downy comforter were  extremely welcoming, particularly after hiking almost 14 miles!




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