Hiking the Lake District | Northern Patagonia, Argentina

We were scheduled to travel to Moreno Lake and receive a kayak safety briefing before spending the rest of the afternoon paddling that beautiful lake with our guide. However, as always with trips into the unknown, we had to modify our plans because of the weather; our guide told us that the winds were too extreme for us to venture out in kayaks. Having never kayaked before, and seeing the white caps on the lake, this was not unwelcomed news for me! So instead, we took a lunch break in a secluded cove, where a small beach lay between two rock outcroppings on either side, providing a much appreciated wind break. We had a very relaxing picnic lunch, took a short siesta then headed out to hike to the top of Tristeza Outlook. 

This trail was more popular than the one we were on in the morning, where we passed only one couple as we reached the bottom of the trail; here, there were hikers in front of us and behind us as we moved our way up the slopes. The hike was steep and a little cold and windy at the top, but well worth it for the tremendous views once we arrived (and a little dangerous if you didn’t pay attention while taking a selfie!).

On the way back to Bariloche and our hotel, we stopped to take the chair lift to the top of cold and windy Cerro Campanario for a spectacular view of the lake and Peninsula San Pedro in the background. 

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