One Day at Windsor Castle | Windsor, United Kingdom

The restoration of the portions of Windsor Castle we were able to see is unbelievable, with every detailed architectural element repaired or replaced . . .  truly an amazing feat, to say the least given the historic architectural magnificence of the rooms and the magnitude of the destruction. Unfortunately, no photographs were permitted inside the Castle, so any “before and after” photos are only available from authorized sources on the internet.  The remaining photo gallery included here shows only the castle’s exterior features, including many of the associated buildings where the 160 staff, clergy, security personnel, and others live and work to support this working castle.

19 responses to “One Day at Windsor Castle | Windsor, United Kingdom

  1. I enjoyed taking your tour of Windsor Castle, it was very interesting. Looks like an amazing place in a beautiful setting. I almost feel like I have been there thanks to your description and photos. Thanks.


  2. Nice pictures of the town! I’ll link to your article, if you don’t mind, since I only took a few photos of “up the hill.” Did you actually get to see the castle and the inside of the castle?


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