Functional Art | The Netherlands

A good friend of mine (and former co-worker) knows that I have a great appreciation for design and the creative arts. So when she saw two unique pieces that her Dutch brother-in-law Industrial Designer Michiel Cornelissen had created, she made sure they found their way into my hands! Both pieces are shown here.

The first piece is the unique 36 Pencil Bowl, which can be displayed as an art piece on a wall or set on a table, or of all things . . . used as a pencil holder for 36 of your favorite hexagonal colored pencils!!

The second piece is a set of interlocking Zesch Coasters, manufactured out of bamboo. Each can be used individually or interlocked in different configurations and used to create trivets for pans and other large items. Even the box they come in provides another design opportunity . . . perhaps a one-of-a-kind picture frame! These and other creative design products can be found at Soonsalon; for information about the designer, click Michiel Cornelissen | Industrial Designer

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