Folklore, Phalluses, and Festivals | Bhutan

The Town of Chamkhar
The small town of Chamkhar includes a few commercial streets lined with a variety of shops where day-to-day needs of the community can be found (including merchandise specifically for the nearby monks and other cleric). There is also the standard array of gifts shops and other stores, hotels, and restaurants that cater more to visitors from outside the area. The owner of the local bakery told us that he had spent several years working for the cruise industry in Miami in order to save up money to invest in his local endeavor. Evidently, this entire community will be relocated to a hillside location not far from the current site due to a flooding issue in this area, even though many of the buildings in the town are relatively new and in excellent condition.  Below are a few images of this interesting town, where we enjoyed one of our last chances to buy gifts for our friends back home.

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