Dzongs and Chortens | Thimphu to Wangdue, Bhutan

PUNAKHA DZONG (Punthang Dechen Phodrang Dzong)
The Punakha Dzong is the administrative centre of Punakha dzongkhag in Punakha, Bhutan. Constructed in 1637–38, the fortress is the second oldest and the second largest dzong in Bhutan, and one of the country’s most majestic structures. The materials used in building the Dzong included compacted earth, stones and timber in doors and windows. The Dzong was one of the 16 dzongs built between 1594 to 1691. It measures 180 metres (590 ft) in length with a width of 72 metres (236 ft), and has three courtyards, called docheys. Defense fortifications were designed into the dzong to protect it from enemy attacks, including a steep wooden draw stairway and a heavy wooden door that is closed at night. Punakha Dzong was the administrative centre and the seat of the Government of Bhutan until 1955, when the capital was moved to Thimphu.

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    • We spent about 12 days in Bhutan, including the 5 days of trekking between Paro and Thimphu. More time, of course, would be required to experience the entire country (we did not have the chance to visit the eastern half of Bhutan. I highly recommend visiting this very friendly, very scenic and interesting part of the world.


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