City Centre Architecture | Melbourne, Australia

A variety of historic and modern architectural styles, building types, and urban environments exist in the City Centre on each side of the Yanna River. This page, and the two pages that follow illustrate some of them.

The neo-Gothic transitional style St. Paul’s Cathedral is located in the heart of the City on the corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets, across from Federation Plaza.  Consecrated in 1852, the Cathedral was build on the site of the first public Christian services to be held in Melbourne.  The construction of the spires did not begin until 1926.

Flinders Street Station was build in 1884 and is the busiest Station in the City’s metropolitan network.  It was the very first railway station in Australia, and in the 1920’s was the world’s busiest passenger station.  It has a main platform over 700 meters long, the longest in the country. When you visit Melbourne, you might here the locals say “I’ll meet you under the clocks,” referring to the row of clocks above the main entrance, which indicate the departure time of the next train on each line; or you might hear “I’ll meet you on the steps'” which refers to the set of steps found beneath the clock. Given that this location is the busiest pedestrian crossing in the City, finding someone is made easier with this landmark building.

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