Federation Square | Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is well known for its vibrant downtown cultural, recreational, and entertainment venues . . . and for good reason. Located in central Melbourne, Federation Square has become one of Melbourne’s most popular gathering places, drawing visitors from around the world.  This award-winning array of unique architectural and open space resources is the preferred locale of over 2,000 special events each year, including multi-media productions, festivals, markets, fashion shows, public lectures, films and concerts, as well as publicity-seeking political rallies and protests.  Each year an average of more than 9 million visitors enjoy the attractions in Federation Square.



The result of a design competition held in 1996 by the Victorian Government, Federation Square was completed and opened in 2002 at a cost of $450 million, contributed by the Victorian State Government, City of Melbourne, the Commonwealth Government, and the private sector.  The 38,000 square meter site includes The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI); The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia; Finders Amphitheater (which seats 15,000 people); and, the Melbourne Visitor’s Centre, along with an array of galleries, cafes and restaurants, bars, exhibition areas (including outdoor exhibits such as the Aboriginal Stick Hut display), theaters and a hotel.  From Federation Wharf, several cruises up and down the Yarra River are offered.  The graphic map included here was obtained from fedquare.com, where more complete information about Federation Square and nearby attractions can be found.

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