1960’s Apartment Transformation | Denver, USA

THE TERRACE The original south-facing terrace was over 50 feet long x 6 feet wide, providing tremendous opportunities for outdoor entertaining.  At the same time, however, it required a lot of work to keep it looking good in the summer, and in the winter was seldom used.

Enclosing half of that area for use as part of the living space had minimal impact on enjoyment of the outdoors.  In many ways, the reduced area encouraged use, and made it easier to furnish and maintain. The green outdoor carpet was removed and Brazilian Walnut slatted 2′ x 4′ deck interlocking panels installed, which allowed the concrete deck below to continue to drain, giving the area an updated look, virtually maintenance-free.  A chaise lounge, three chairs and a few metal side tables are all that is needed for a relaxing afternoon.

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