1960’s Apartment Transformation | Denver, USA

THE MASTER BATHROOM  Originally, the master bathroom had a two-room, dark, windowless layout with a sink and vanity in one room, and the original toilet in a separate room, along with the tub that was set into the dark corner.

This renovation removed the wall separating the two areas, combining the two spaces into one to create a contemporary, urban spa-like setting. By removing the original drop ceiling and creating low-profile soffits for recessed lighting, the space becomes airy and bright, while at the same time allowing for a calming zen-like oasis, with a black, white, glass, and chrome motif. Although not everyone thinks black is a color for small spaces, here its use on the floors and walls provides a dramatic, yet calming atmosphere and lends to the minimalist feel of the space. The use of a contrasting bright white ceiling, reflective chrome accents, glass, and white low profile fixtures helps provide a contemporary look.  

The low-profile wall-mounted sink, Robern medicine cabinet, and George Kovaks lighting further enhance the contemporary style and loft-like design concept. The  narrow design of the Philippe Starck Duravit Toilet enables a few more inches of space between the toilet and the glass shower wall, enhancing the more open feel of the room;  a graphic created for Ben Hur, the Movie provides a splash of color.  The Euro-glass shower enclosure, with a star rain shower head and three body sprays provides a clean, open look to this part of the room. A stone pebble floor is included in the shower, which takes the place of the original tub.

A new shelving system provides additional storage in the bathroom. Aluminum framed sliding glass doors, the same stye used throughout the apartment renovation, replaced the original metal bi-food doors, and a new single glass door was added at the entrance to the bedroom to provide privacy. The closet from the adjoining master bedroom was reoriented to open from the master bathroom to provide more convenience, and a secondary advantage of providing an additional wall in the bedroom for art and graphics.

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