1960’s Apartment Transformation | Denver, USA

THE MASTER BEDROOM / DEN AND OFFICE   The Master Bedroom, located at the end of the interior hallway, was originally the larger of the two bedrooms; the only natural light was through a set of 6′ wide sliding glass doors that accessed the west end of the outdoor terrace. The bedroom closet was against the master bathroom wall, with the bathroom sink area open to the bedroom.

As part of the renovation, the bedroom area was increased in size by approximately 150 square feet by enclosing half of the original south-facing outdoor terrace with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and panels.  That area now serves as another seating area and a small office niche.  The bedroom closet was reoriented to open inside the master bathroom, which allowed not only for more convenient access, but also provided an additional wall in the bedroom for artwork. With the entertainment center providing the only separation between the living room and the sleeping area, the space becomes more loft-like and sunny.  In order to serve as both a sleeping area and a den, a Murphy Bed was installed between two walls of open shelving, divided into niches, which provide display area for a collection of Blenko Glass; Craftsman tool cabinets provide a unique solution for addition office supplies. The bottom of the Murphy Bed, which is exposed to the room when it is up inside the wall, was splatter-painted with red, yellow, blue, cream, and green paint left over from other remodel projects. The two-sided biofuel fireplace can be enjoyed from chairs in the room, as well as from the folded down queen-sized bed, which does not require the removal of the low-profile contemporary table. The Entertainment Center was designed to conceal a second flat-screen television, which is exposed to the bedroom by swiveling the art panel. Storage compartments are hidden behind doors on either side of the swivel panel.



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