1960’s Apartment Transformation | Denver, USA

THE GUEST BATHROOM  The Guest Bathroom is a small 5′ x  8.5′ windowless room that included a small shower stall with a terrazzo base and glass sliding doors, a toilet, and base cabinet with sink, above which was a standard wall-mounted medicine chest; the ceiling had been lowered to allow for a vent and heat lamp / light. The floor was 2″ x 2″ off-white ceramic square tiles.

In keeping with the contemporary, minimalist theme, the drop ceiling was removed and a soffit installed along the sink wall for recessed spot lights; all of the fixtures were replaced, including a Duravit Toilet and wall-mounted sink; the terrazzo shower base was painted a solid dark color, and the sliding doors were replaced with a single glass panel shield.  Black porcelain 16′ x 16″ squares were installed on the floor, as well as on the back and side walls of the shower.  The back wall behind the sink and toilet were tiled in 3/4″ x 3/4′ mosaic tile in shades of white and light grey.  This same mosaic tile was used as a vertical accent on the back of the black shower wall.  George Kovak glass sconces were placed on each side of the 4″ deep 15″ x 39″ Robern  Medicine Cabinet. The remaining wall was painted white, and two small sconces installed to illuminate graphic displays.  The original bathroom door was left in place, but the entry covered by sliding glass doors to be consistent with other doors in the apartment.

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